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Our Celebrations

It's not about us, is it?


We are really all about you. More than that, our work is about your dreams.  Yet, we do have a tiny little story to tell, a peek at who we are. Two things you can already guess: It's our passion, and it's about design.


The difference from an ordinary wedding to an extraordinary wedding is in the details. From the moment a guest arrives, our wedding planners insure that the guests experience the wedding using the five senses. Sounds of the day from strolling violinists to waterfalls, smell of the day from the fragrant flowers to the food, sights from the visuals of the lighting to the surprise of fireworks, and touch from the first feel of the invite to the linens at the tables.


We are wedding planners who make each event spectacular and take on the personality of the couple while making each event a one of a kind experience for all those in attendance. From small-and-intimate to large-and-lavish our wedding planners have the knowledge and resources to help you create everything you have envisioned for the perfect wedding day.

Our Weddings

No bride ever forgets her wedding day, and with our help your guests won't either. Our team will help create this unforgettable day by providing you with the top professionals in the wedding industry. Precise attention will be given to every detail. You and your friends will be pampered in every way. 


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